“I recently bought a house so this £1,000 has come in very useful!”

“What a lovely surprise to find out I was a £1,000 winner!”

“Now I can book a luxury cottage for my holiday!”

“Playing the lottery is my way of saying thank you for the care you gave both my dad and my nan.”

“I've only been playing for a year! Now I'm going to create memories with my win.”

“I don't even notice my monthly contribution going off my account, so I'd forgotten I even play the lottery. How amazing to win!”

“I can't believe it! We're going on our second honeymoon with my win. ”

“I'm speechless to have won. I've never won anything until now. ”

“I can't wait to receive my cheque in the post! ”

“I almost cried when I found out I'd won! We've booked a holiday to Rome. ”