“I want to enjoy it on things that create great memories for my family, my husband and me ”

“A great way to start the year”

“I always said we’d go back to our honeymoon destination, Lesbos, now we are!”

“I accidentally threw the cheque away, it was only when I got a call from the hospice that I realised I’d won!”

“Beginners Luck! ”

“I am almost speechless, but look forward to spending some on the house”

“I'll be looking forward to seeing my postman next week.”

“I’ve been playing the Prospect Hospice lottery for ten years – I didn’t start playing the lottery because I thought I would win, I started because I wanted to help the hospice”

“Have you been a weekly lottery prize winner?”

“I had forgotten that I joined the lottery two years ago, so it was a very pleasant surprise to hear that I'd won £1000 ”